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Toni and MIllie Bear Duo Set

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They have been designed as a duo to signify the strong family bond and ship together in an oversize box. They are fully jointed and have flat paw pads so they can stand with out help. They have been created using different browns of various super soft plush fabrics. Soft curves in their arms so they really can snuggle together. Noses are hand stitched and both have key necklaces. It's a numbered set with a limited edition of 1500 worldwide. NOTE: As this is a large bear a special shipping charge will apply depending on where they ship to and we will communicate before we ship. Designed by Isabelle Lee in the Plush Collection. Toni is 25" tall and Millie is 16" and both are 5 way jointed.
Charlie Bears are collectable bears and characters designed by Charlie (Charlotte) and her husband William at The Bearhouse in Cornwall, UK. All Charlie Bears are limited in production, and our special collections often have very low editions.
Lovingly made by hand, each bear has their own unique characteristics and this is why only Charlie Bears are known as the bears with personalities.This pair of gorgeous bears, Toni and Milli, are designed by Isabelle Lee for Charlie Bears and feature short pile plush fur, hand-embroidered nose, mouth and toe details and matching necklaces. Fully standing with opposable legs, these beautiful bears will make an impressive addition to your collection, limited to just 1500 pairs worldwide.

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