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Sterling Silver and Amber Reversed Carved Bat Pendant

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Sterling Silver and Amber pendant from the Baltic Sea where Amber is found. Size: 1-3/8" long incl bail. A very unique way of carving from the back side in the Amber itself. See second photo. 
The delicate technique of intaglio reverse carvings involves carving an amber piece from the reverse side to create a stunning 3D image with beautiful dimensions. Set in sterling silver. Handmade by very skilled artisans.

Amber comes in many different colors. Green, golden, cherry, butterscotch to mention a few. golden. It is a beautiful golden color stone once thought to be pieces of the Sun which had fallen to Earth. Amber is actually fossilized resin from extinct pine trees, some pieces of Amber have insects or plants encased. Most of the world's amber is 30-90 million years old. Amber is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and disease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit, by absorbing negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into clear, positive energy. Amber is ideal for cleansing and reactivating the chakras. Amber also provides a protective shield against negative energies and may be called upon to remove toxicity from one’s life or relationships

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