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Sonoran Gold Turquoise and Sterling Silver Bracelet

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This is a Navajo made bracelet using a beautiful stones from the Sonoran Gold Turquoise mine. This gorgeous bracelet has three prongs of silver and a beautiful border around it. Nice and heavy gauge silver.
- Sonoran Gold A New Highly Collectible Turquoise of 2020
Now the most desirable new blue and green Turquoise on the market. It’s mined in Sonora, Mexico near the Arizona border and the city of Cananea. This gorgeous turquoise comes in a variety of beautiful colors, aqua blue, lime green, and a two tones of blue and green. It’s golden and brown matrix is a perfect name for the mine. Sonoran Gold is not mined in veins, mining is done by searching for individual nuggets found in deposits of clay. Most other turquoise mines operates by mining in veins. What a great find!

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