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Pinon-Pine Pitch Yei-bi-chei Pottery

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This is a unique style of pottery. A blend of traditional and contemporary techniques has been used. The pottery is formed using the coil method, where coils of clay are built layer upon layer to form the shape. Once the rounded bowl shape is achieved, it is smoothed and allowed to dry. After the piece is dried it is carved, painted and fired. The last finishing touch is when the pot is sealed using a traditional coating of fine pinon-pine pitch. The Yei-bi-chei are a supernatural beings in Navajo culture and with the power to heal. Male figures have round heads, and female Yeis have rectangular heads. In this piece we have two males and two females around the pot. You will also see the wedding basket and the corn stalk. Signed on the bottom and the size is 4.5" tall and 4.5" wide. 

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