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Native American White Buffalo Stone Squash Blossom Necklace Set

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White Buffalo Squash Blossom necklace all done with natural stones from the Nevada mine. The necklace is 26" long plus the Naja total length 30" and comes with matching earrings, earrings are 2-1/4" in length including wires. The sterling silver beads have squash blossom flowers resembling the actual flower of the squash plant. At the bottom you see the “Naja”, often believed to protect you from harm and evil. . Native American made and it's a signed piece by Kathy Yazzie, Navajo.
White Buffalo mined near Tonopah, Nevada. Armed with his tools, his character and his love for the hunt of treasure, Lynn Otteson is the last of a rare breed. A generous man, he needs only the necessities. Otteson wears a cowboy hat, a handkerchief around his neck, a canteen slung over his shoulder and a pickax in his hand. Lying in the ground deep in the desert another legend waits. Rare and beautiful, like the white buffalo, this white rock waits to be discovered. The location only known by him, the two legends meet. Otteson was schooled in turquoise by one of the most ingenious prospectors of our time. He has covered the desert on foot, scouting for turquoise for decades. Even after losing half his foot in a courageous gun battle, he walks the desert. Lynn unearthed the rare and beautiful treasure. White Buffalo is a Magnesite and creates very interesting jewelry with its stunning black and white patterns. White Buffalo lies in veins like turquoise surrounded by black chert a black rock similar to flint. It cuts and polishes like turquoise and IT HAS GEOLOGISTS baffled. 

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