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Heishi Bead Necklace, Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM 25" long

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Heishi necklaces made usually by cutting and shaping Turquoise, Pipestone, Black Jet, Olive and Melon Shells. A great necklace style for both men and women. Done by Terivia Crispin from the Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico and 25" long. Artist's fingers get a workout on spinning blades, the raw material are sliced in small squares. Then the small squares are made by biting off pieces of the square slice piece with a nipper. Tweezers are used to hold the tiny squares and a dentist's carbide bit, a small hole is drilled into the center of each square. After the rough squares of shell or stone are strung together on a wire, the process of grinding starts, the shaping and smoothing begins. Now the artist shapes the string of bead shapes by moving the string over and over against a turning stone wheel, controlling the detailed and the diameter of the beads with his hands. Many pieces will now be lost by cracking and flying of the string. Each material takes the grinding differently and therefore done at different times.

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