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Chaorite Sterling Silver Earrings

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Love the color purple? Natural Charoite and signed by Navajo artist. Size: 1-1/4" tall including wires. 
Charoite - A Versatile & Exotic Design Stone with Character. Discovered in Siberia’s Murun Mountains, Russia and named after the nearby Charo River, introduced 1976. Opaque bright purple, with wild swirls of fibrous material, one of the strangest looking natural gemstones. In particular it transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings. Charoite is a great stone to wear for those that suffer from phobias & nightmares. Charoite strengthens its wearers self confidence & enhances concentration. This stone strengthens its wearer's work spirit & love of work, will power & endurance. On the physical level Charoite is a very strong healing stone, lessens rheumatic pains & strengthens the muscles. Charoite can enhance courage, inner strength, and appropriate assertiveness. Physically, Charoite is helpful for speeding up healing of all kinds, headaches, liver problems, alcohol detoxification, cramps, heart problems, & nerves. Charoite lessens pain, especially head aches and this wonder stone absorbs negative radiation. Charoite makes striking pieces of jewelry with its full range of character from solid color to zones of swirly mixtures of silky purple and sprays of black zones.

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