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Valued sacred by Native Americans, turquoise has long been considered a master healer said to assist the absorption of nutrients while strengthening the immune system and stimulating tissue regeneration. Its special strengths aid in healing the respiratory, waste and skeletal systems. It is also recommended by crystal healers for detoxification of alcohol, poisons or radiation. Also beneficial for infections, high blood pressure, asthma and problems with the teeth and mouth. Brings its wearer good luck. Turquoise is used as a metaphysical aid in any situation where clear communication is needed and also as an aid to public speaking. Can also be used to open connections between friends, allowing love to flow whilst enabling true selfless bonding. Turquoise is said to open all chakras, permitting love, completeness and communication to flow through the entire being and increasing spiritual bonding. Especially with the 5th (throat) chakra and can also assist in opening the 4th (heart) chakra. 

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Sterling Silver Bear Bracelet
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