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Boulder Turquoise Pendant with beautiful Turquoise Splash- Large size with drop shadow border

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Beautiful Boulder Turquoise Pendant. Just awesome stone with beautiful silver work. 
Extremely interesting patterns, surrounded by the host rock. Nevada has been an important source of turquoise since prehistoric time. Host rocks are lime stone, shale, or metamorphosed volcanic and sedimentary rocks. This turquoise normally forms narrow veinlets or small nodules along altered zones. The mine is located in northeast Nevada. It was originally discovered in the 1970’s by a Shoshone sheep herder who stumbled upon a vein of turquoise on the hillside while tending sheep. Production from the property has been small due to the limited amount of time allowed to mine due to the remote location and winter weather conditions. Boulder Turquoise is valued both its beauty and rarity. Turquoise is a rare and improbable product of an incalculable number of chemical and physical processes that must take place in the right combination and proper environment over a time span of hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of years.

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