Alligator: maternal protection, connection to the earth mother, protection from manipulation, initiation
Ant: patience, stamina, community-mindedness
Antelope: knowledgeable action, speed, rapid growth, grace
Armadillo: knowledge of boundaries, objectivity
Arctic fox: seasonal change, camouflage new activities
Badger: aggressiveness, persistence, bold self-expression
Bat: releasing old habits, new growth, rebirth
Bear: strength, healing, power, introspection, self-knowledge
Beaver: balance, alterations, building, shaping
Bee: service, gathering, community
Bobcat: silence, secrets
Buffalo: abundance, prayer, healing, good fortune
Bull: fertility, abundance, strength
Butterfly: transformation, courage to change, balance, grace
Cameleon: adaption, patience, calculating, all seeing eye
Caribou: travel, mobility, migration
Cat: grace, independence, sensuality, psychic vision
Chimpanzee: innovation
Chinchilla: communication, exploring, warmth, correcting balance
Chipmunk: storage, work, play, earths treasures
Cougar/Mt.Lion: balanced leadership, cunning, wit
Coyote: humor, trickiness, adaptability, reversal of fortune
Deer: gentleness, sensitivity, alertness, peace
Dog: loyalty, courage, unconditional love
Dolphin: harmony, love, wisdom, connection with self
Donkey: wisdom, humility
Dragonfly: refinement of skills, illusion, need for change, relentlessness
Elephant: memory, learning ability, health, good luck
Elk: stamina, friendship, pride, power, majesty
Ferret: stealth, agility, healing, protection, maneuverability
Fox: cleverness, adaptability, cunning, subtlety, discretion
Frog: emotional healing, cleansing, peace
Giraffe: farsightedness, higher perspective
Goat: tenacity, diligence, surefootedness
Goldfish: good luck and good fortune
Gopher: gathering, preparation for the future
Groundhog: mystery of death without dying, trance, dance
Guinea Pig: sacred healing and open new spiritual doors
Hamster: sacred healing and open new spiritual doors (same as guinea pig)
Hedgehog: self-preservation, curiosity, defensiveness
Hippopotamus: creative power, shape-shifting life
Horse: inner power, freedom, safe movement
Hyena: instincts, discrimination, discernment
Iguana: contentment, simplicity, awareness, toughness, confidence, resilience, stillness
Jaguar: reclaiming power, rewards for effort, integrity, impeccability
Kangaroo: moving forward, leaping
Koala: calmness, relax, detoxify
Lion: association with the sun, courage, nobleness, prosperity
Lizard: caution, regeneration, renewal, growth
Llama: secure footing
Lynx: subtlety, silence, secretiveness, elusiveness
Manatee: serenity, gentleness, trust
Mole: heightened senses, luck through effort
Monkey: communication, expression, evolution
Moose: self-esteem, confidence, strength, spontaneity, unpredictability
Musk Ox: sacrifice, self-denial, chastity
Mouse: scrutiny, caution, success, awareness of danger, illusion, charm
Opossum: peaceful alternatives, deception
Otter: playfulness, efficiency, female energy, healing power of laughter
Ox: effort, creative protection, past life issues
Panda: gentle strength, nourishment, sensitivity
Panther: reclaiming true power (Black Panther; embracing the unknown)
Pig or Boar: fertility, fidelity, strength, family protection (wild boar; confrontation)
Polar Bear: supernatural power, teaching
Porcupine: self-protection, memory, security, innocence, humility
Prairie Dog: community, retreat
Rabbit: conquering fear, safety, gentleness with self
Raccoon:curiosity, skillful investigation, playful energy
Ram: seeking new beginnings
Rat: success, restlessness, shrewdness
Rhinoceros: ancient wisdom
Sea Lions (Seals): active imagination, creativity, lucid dreaming, contentment
Salmon: determination, persistence
Skunk: reputation, self-preservation, respect
Snake: transmutation, fertility, regeneration, life force,sexual potency
Spider: creativity, balance, interconnectedness, industry
Squirrel: planning ahead, collecting, gathering, playfulness, trust
Tiger: passion, caution, appropriate timing, stealth
Turtle: protection,grounding,longevity,healing,symbol of the bounty of Mother Earth
Weasel: sly, seeing beneath the surface, supernatural power
Whale: intelligence, self-expression, intuition, creativity, record keeper, awakening inner depth
Wolf: guardianship, eliminating weakness, commitment, family loyalty, teaching skill
Wolverine: ferocious, Strong. Cunning
Zebra: power, alertness, community

Albatross - be alert of approaching opportunities
Blackbird: understanding of the energies of Mother Nature
Bluebird: modesty, unassuming, confidence and happiness
Blue Jay: proper use of power
Burrowing owl: underworld, sense of humor
Canary:power of song and voice, heightened sensitivity
Cardinal: renewed vitality through recognizing our importance
Catbird: language and communication
Chickadee: cheerful expression of truth
Chicken: fertility and sacrifice
Cockatoo: good time to court & focus on relationships (strengthen personal & business)
Cock/Rooster: sexuality, watchfulness and resurrection, optimism
Conure: attend to family and young, choose words
Cormorant: dive deeper for answers and solutions, trust your methods, accomplishment
Cowbird: parent and child relationships, resolving old issues
Crane: longevity and creation through focus, expression of feminine energies
Crow: magic, creation, spiritual strength
Cuckoo: heralding new fate, intuitive ability
Dark eyed Junco: replenishment, opportunities
Dove: feminine energies of peace, maternity, prophecy and promise of future
Ducks: emotional comfort and protection
Eagle: spiritual enlightenment, clarity of vision, transcendence, messengers, healing and creation
Falcon accuracy, rapid progress, restraint
Finch: energy of variety and multiplicity, increased potentials
Flamingo: healing the heart, follow your heart, nourish it
Flicker: rapid growth and trust, increased healing love, new sensitivity of heart
Goldfinch: awakening to the nature spirits, fairies, elves and devas
Goose: call of the quest, travels to legendary places, search new dimensions
Grackle: overcoming excess, dealing with emotions
Grebe: creative environments, dive into creative ways
Grosbeak: healing the family heart
Grouse: completion, sacred spiral dance, fulfillment
Hawk: messenger, truth seeker, clear vision, heightened awareness, awakening visionary power
Heron: aggressive self-determination, self-reliance
Hummingbird: tireless joy, accomplishing the impossible, beauty, agility
Ibis: healing, magic and protection surround you
Kestrel: mental speed, agility, grace, control
Killdeer: protect your creations, guard your artistic endeavours
Kingfisher: new warmth, sunshine, prosperity, and love
Loon: lucid dreaming and re-awakening of old hopes, wishes and dreams
Macaw: trust your sharp vision, spirit perceptions in regards to health issues
Magpie: the proper use of intelligence, familiars, and occult knowledge
Martin: good luck and community peace, peaceful living energies
Meadowlark: cheerful journey inward, discovery of intuition, innate abilities
Mockingbird: finding your Sacred Song (soul purpose) and recognition of your innate abilities
Nuthatch: grounding of faith and higher wisdom, teaches true path to realization is learning to manifest the spiritual within the physical
Oriole: weaving of new sunshine, can open doors to positive relationship with all members of nature realm
Osprey: assertive hunting, assert new efforts
Ostrich: becoming grounded
Owl: mystery of magic, omens, silent wisdom, and vision in the night; symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night
Parrot: sunshine and color healing; teaches power of light and colors
Peacock: resurrection and wise vision (watchfulness)
Pelican: renewed buoyancy and unselfishness; teaches how not to be overcome by emotion
Penguin: lucid dreaming and astral projection
Pheasant: family fertility and sexuality
Pigeon: return to the love and security of home; very gentle and loving energy
Quail: group nourishment and protection
Raven: magic, shapeshifting and creation
Road Runner: mental speed and agility
Sandpiper: quickness, foraging, scavenging
Robin: spread of new growth in a variety of areas of life
Rooster: fertility, optimism increases, sexuality grows
Sandhill crane: sacred guardianship surrounds you. Participate in dance of life
Seagull: observation, swift action, opportunity,carefree attitude, versatility
Sparrow: awakening and triumph of common nobility; shows how to survive
Starling: group behavior and etiquette; clear communication, be careful with your words
Stork: birth and unspoken communication
Swallow: protection and warmth for the home and proper perspective
Swan: awakening the true beauty and power of the self
Tufted Titmouse: dignity, maintain your inner nobility, fulfill responsibilities, little things
Turkey: sharing blessings and harvest
Vulture Black: fulfillment, transformation time
Waxwing: gentleness and courtesy
Woodpecker: power of rhythm and determination; stimulates new rhythms
Wren: resourcefulness and boldness
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