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Navajo Sterling Silver Veriscite Cuff Bracelet

Navajo Sterling Silver Veriscite Cuff Bracelet

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Stunning light green color, gorgeous border and shape. Fits a standard woman's wrist 6-7" Sterling Silver. Stone is 1-1/4" wide. Variscite is a soothing stone. It is sometimes called a "true worry stone" because it eases fear, tension, anxiety, worry, and impatience. It also relieves stress and depression, and can give courage and inner strength. Variscite can help calm the mind and help it be still, which makes it an excellent stone for meditation. Variscite can be a benefit for intuition and psychic perceptions, and is excellent for past-life recall. Physically, variscite is used for helping strengthen cells and tissues, blood problems, nervous system, kidneys, muscles and bones.

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