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  • Native American High Quality Inlay Jewelry Native American High Quality Inlay Jewelry
    Native American High Quality Inlay Jewelry
  • Neckware Neckware
    Here you will find Sterling Silver Pendants, Necklaces, Collars and Chains in all different price ranges and sizes. You can also find pendants under High Quality Inlay Jewelry, Bone Feather Jewelry and Mimbres pages.
  • Earrings Earrings
    A collection of earrings in different price ranges. You will also find earrings under Calvin Begay, Bone Painted Feathers and Mimbres categories. You can always ask me for photos as our website is only a small portion of what we have.
  • Bone Feather Jewelry Bone Feather Jewelry
    Please look at the detailed view to appreciate the detailed work. You will see small little feather lines carved in each piece. Truly amazing detail! Native American buffalo bone painted feather jewelry. Lumbee and Lakota Sioux made.
  • Bracelets Bracelets
    We have mostly cuff bracelets but also link and bangle bracelets. Don't miss another group of bracelets under beadwork.
  • Hair Ties Hair Ties
    You can change the elastic cord any time on these hair ties and it's so easy, done in just a second. Popular by both men and women.
  • Mimbres Jewelry Mimbres Jewelry
    This is a design from old Mimbres pottery now on displays in southwest museums. Head silversmith, Daniel Tapija, Jr (Yavapai/Hopi/Apache/Hualapai) Turtle is based on a design painted freehand on a bowl, 1000 years ago, with brushes made from the leaves of yucca plants.